Announcing The Latest Gratūs Fund

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Blog

When it comes to investing in real estate, the options and decisions can sometimes feel overwhelming and, without guidance, we as real estate investors can become paralyzed by the fear of mistakes.

That’s why, at Gratus, we’ve handcrafted our funds to ensure that our clients can invest in this asset class with a more passive approach. And, to allow for broader access and greater diversification, we are pleased to announce the addition of a third Gratus fund.

This latest real estate crowdfund, Gratus Capital Properties Fund III, will allow investors to spread their investment across multiple real estate investment properties.

Another interesting feature of this real estate crowdfund is its accessibility to non-accredited investors. Prior to the 2015 JOBS Act, which amended aspects of Regulation A, both non-accredited investors and small companies were largely barred from accessing a variety of traditional and alternative investments. Now, as a result of those amendments, new real estate investment opportunities, like Gratus Capital Properties Fund III, are accessible to more than just the “elite” investor.

Democratizing alternative investments is central to the mission of Gratus. And, given the fact that the vast majority of American investors are considered “non-accredited,” we thought it essential that this path be available to both accredited and non-accredited investors alike. 

With real estate crowdfunds, there are two primary ways in which you may see a return on your investment. First, through operating passive income paid out in the form of dividends, and, second, through the potential increase in equity via appreciating property values and/or debt pay down over an extended period of time.

At Gratus, our team does the work of identifying, acquiring, and managing the right real estate investments so your money earns passive income while you spend your time where it really matters.

As believers in both financial freedom and living with purpose, we at Gratus are excited by the possibilities of this new real estate fund. We are hopeful that this new endeavor will be successful and will contribute to our investors achieving their own goals of financial success as well.