Build Wealth With Cash-Flowing Real Estate Investment

In the past, multi-family real estate investments were limited to only people who could afford to buy and manage properties all on their own. That, or they had the money and connections for crazy real estate deals. The unique benefits that multi-family real estate investment offers were limited to only a select few. Now, with real estate crowdfunding you can invest in real estate at a lower barrier of entry without any of the management hassle.

How Gratūs Funds Works:

Why Multi-Family Real Estate Investment?

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Investors See In Multi-Family Real Estate Deals.


  • Enhancing returns: According to NCREIF multifamily index, multifamily has often matched or exceeded average returns in the S&P 500 on an unleveraged basis.


  • Producing Passive Income: Multifamily investments often generate meaningful and predictable income.


  • Lowering Correlation to Public Markets: As a private real estate investment whose value is derived from its net operating income, the value is less subject to the whims of the public markets.’


  • Reducing Volatility: Because housing is a basic human need, multifamily housing has historically shown resilience during times of economic uncertainty.


  • Hedging Against Inflation: When central banks expand the money supply and cause inflation, real estate investments are often one of the first assets to rise alongside it.


  • Accessing Tax Benefits: Owners of real estate have historically been able to access unique tax treatment.


  • Reducing Dependency on a Single Tenant: Having multiple tenants mitigates the risk posed by vacancies.

Why a Direct-Owned Real Estate Crowdfund?



Built from the ground up to increase access, reduce cost and drive returns; Gratus Funds’ leveraged distribution network and technology platform is designed to put more of your hard earned capital to work.

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Well Vetted

Each partner, investment, and opportunity is carefully vetted and matched for investor fit.

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We are committed to multiple Regulation A+ offerings as a reflection of our desire to provide greater access to quality investments for investors of all sizes.

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 Bought In

We personally invest in each of our offerings.

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Aligned Incentive

The majority of our fees are performance-based; simply put, we profit when you do.

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Purpose Driven

Our purpose and mission help attract proprietary deals and operating partners.

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We invest in our client’s understanding by giving exclusive access to our thought-leadership content.